REPORT: Port Jefferson School's Teacher Evaluation Plan Approved by NYS

Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR) Plan submitted to New York State Education Department in July.

On Sept. 27, Port Jefferson's Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR) Plan was approved by the New York State Education Department for the 2012-2013 school year, ahead of most other schools, according to a statement released by the school district.

"While two-thirds of districts throughout New York had not even submitted plans, Port Jefferson’s original proposal was first submitted in July 2012 and received tremendous praise from the state," read the statement.

The Port Times Record wrote about the plan.

"Port Jefferson's APPR plan evaluates teachers and administrators on a 100-point scale and gives them a rating of highly effective, effective, developing or ineffective," the paper reported.

Top read more about the plan and how it's used to evaluate teachers, click here to read the full story on the Port Times Record website.


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