Rotary’s Students of the Month Announced

Two Port Jefferson students were recognized this month for their determination and motivation.

Courtesy of the Port Jefferson School District
Courtesy of the Port Jefferson School District
The Port Jefferson Rotary Club recognized middle school students Joseph Cangemi and Cezanne Lojeski as the Most Motivated Students of the Month at its Jan. 14 meeting.

Cangemi, a seventh-grader, was accompanied by nominating teacher Deirdre Filippi, and Cezanne, an eighth-grader, was accompanied by her nominator, Dr. Tara Sladek-Maharg. Principal and fellow Rotarian Antonio Santana was also in attendance.

“These two individuals embody all the wonderful qualities one would want to see in a student,” said Santana. “They are dedicated, mature, conscientious, academically and socially excellent...overall great kids.” 

Cezanne, who has been awarded Most Motivated Student of the Month twice prior, was noted for her outstanding participation at the most recent Camp Pa-Qua-Tuck cleanup activity. Joseph was also named winner of the Rotary’s weekly drawing award.

Information courtesy of Port Jefferson School District


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