Q&A: Clarifying Comsewogue's Princeton Plan

We posed some questions about the reorganization of the elementary schools.

The Comsewogue School District will experience some changes in the next school year if the next budget passes with the , a reorganization of the elementary schools to save money.

According to Assistant Superintendent for Business Susan Casali, the Princeton Plan will save the district about $1,000,000. It will also involve a change in the way parents view the makeup of their children's elementary school.

We posed some questions about the Princeton Plan to the Comsewogue School Board. See the questions along with the answers below provided by Board member Lance Brown and Assistant Superintendent Casali. If you have questions of your own, please put them in the comments and we'll be happy to collect them and send them along.

Will all the same grades in one school have lunch and recess at the same time? Ex. All 4th graders eat lunch and have recess at the same period?

This will be worked out as specifics on class sizes and number of students in each building are worked out over the summer.

How will this affect transportation costs? Is there additional travel time added to some students not close to one or another elementary school building?

The transportation budget for this upcoming school year will remain unchanged (flat) but will be reevaluated as the process moves forward.

Is all the playground equipment appropriate for all grade levels? Will there be enough room for kids from all of one grade to utilize the equipment?

Yes to both questions.

How will the school help kids adjust in their transitioning year? (When they have to change schools going into a higher grade.)

There will be a program put into action over the summer that will address the changes in each school. For example, there will be a day were parents can come down to the school with their children to see classrooms, were they will ride the bus, etc.

Will the PTAs merge or move?

The PTA's are organizations outside of district jurisdiction. This will be worked out by the PTA organizations themselves.

Would there be new costs associated with supplies and materials for the newly configured schools?

The budget for the upcoming year with regard to supplies and materials will remain the same (flat). As with transportation, an evaluation will be made as the process moves forward.

Will the teachers remain in their current buildings or move as well?

Some may stay in the same building and some may move. This will be determined over the summer when classroom assignments/sizes are determined.

Will this impact special education services?

This will not impact special education. In fact, it may improve with the consolidation of resources to fewer buildings.

With all of the Kindergarten students placed in two schools, are there enough large classrooms to accommodate these youngsters?

Absolutely, yes.


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