Students Not Scores Website Created For Factual Common Core Details

The new website was designed to help parents get information about the new standards and find out how to take action if they are against the changes coming from New York State.

Although it is unknown who exactly started the website, the site is geared towards parents, teachers, community members, and students to give them all the information they need regarding the new Common Core standards.

The website, which has everything from an FAQ section to a place where parents can copy a letter template telling their legislators and school administrators that they are opt-ing out of the test has gotten some buzz lately. 

Port Jefferson Station Teacher's Association president, Beth Dimino, said according to the website it is really simple for students to refuse to take any high-stake testing. In a Facebook post, Dimino pull information from the website staying this is all the information you need to make a informed decision:
  • There is NO consequence, financial or otherwise, to the student, teacher or school district (according to www.nysape.org)
  • Tests should be used to inform the teacher about the students's acquired knowledge, but these tests use the students to get erroneous information about teachers!
  • Private for profit corporations, should not be allowed to use our children to make their fortunes!
  • If you refuse NOW, teachers will stop preparing students for the tests! Your refusal letter is right here, www.studentsnotscores.org
The website goes on to list past action residents have taken, upcoming events, and how you can stay informed on the latest going on with your child and the New York State Education Department. Click here for the for information. 

Will you be opting your child out of the test?


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