Students Test Their Skills in Digital News

Following the halt of Newsweek's print version, students recognized National Digital Learning Day with an online crash course in digital media.

With many media shifting their focus to an online presence, one Port Jefferson Middle School class was inspired to prepare for the future in the classroom with a recent experiment, in recognition of National Digital Learning Day.

Prompted in part by Newsweek's decision to print its last hard copy issue at the end of 2012, the classroom created a digital magazine cover, in the vein of a 'Year in Review' issue that many publications do to wrap-up coverage at the end of each calendar year.

Conducting research using online news tools, the students summarized national and world news, pop culture, and more after studying the use of headlines, tag lines and images and their use by media.

The top covers will be displayed for the entire school after being made available for a class fair.


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