Super Joe Rella Promotes Satirical APPR YouTube Video

Comsewogue continues to fight against APPR and other state standards.

With all the fighting going back and forth on regulations, common core standards, APPR (Annual Professional Performance Review), and unfunded mandates; it was only a matter of time before musicians got involved.

Comsewogue's Superintendent Joseph Rella posted a video on his Facebook from an unknown singer, Howie Ratem, who expressed his feelings on APPR, which is a new system designed to rate teachers performance in the classroom.

"Pour yourself a cup of coffee (or have another turkey sandwich) and give this a listen. Musicians have been doing this forever," said Rella on a Facebook post. 

Rella encouraged everyone to "sing it" and "spread it."  

Check out the video above and post your thoughts below in the comment section. 


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