Fishing Report: Storm Stirs Up the Fish in Port Jeff Harbor

Snappers were biting right off the docks on Tuesday after the storm.

Hurricane Irene blew by and people are already getting their boats back in the water. Anglers were reporting that The Boat Place was busily unloading off their dock, in a .

Thankfully, there wasn't the wholesale damage that it could have been had the storm been worse but some folks did come back to find boats dinged by the docks and at least one unlucky person lost his boat at the Brookhaven Town docks by Cedar Beach. (See the photo gallery.)

"Count our blessings. We survived the hurricane," reported Captain Des O'Sullivan from the Celtic Quest. "Could have been so much worse. Lots of flooding in our area but I cant imagine if this storm was any bigger. It would have been tragic."

Celtic Quest sailed again and O'Sullivan reported "great jigging for the blues today both day and night."

"Nice to be back on the water and having fun," he said.

Candy Caraftis sent in a report post Hurricane Irene that wasn't limited to fishing. If you saw the dramatic photos of downtown Port Jefferson flooded out at the high tide during the storm you saw Main Street and Chandler Square both under water. Caraftis sent another picture from on the west side of the harbor of her son Tim and her grandson Owen wading through the parking lot.

"We had at least two feet of water in the whole parking lot down by the water," Caraftis said. "This (the photo) was after the water started going out."

Starting back up right where we left off, Caraftis said that the fishing on Tuesday was ""great today with lots of blue fish and porgies."

"The storm stirred up the fishing," she said. "We even had fish jumping in front of our dock."

She said the snappers were biting right off the dock near her store on Tuesday.


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