Puppies Get Chance at Love and a New Home at Pet Adoption Day in Port Jeff

Foster dogs from high-kill shelters in the South are presented for adoption.

The weather was hot and muggy with the threat of rain in the sky but that didn’t stop people from coming to take a peek at the puppies up for adoption in the village of Port Jefferson on Sunday.

Afraid that the heat might be too much for the dogs and the people, Barbara Schiano, volunteer director of adoptions for Last Chance Animal Rescue said they had to start the weekly event next to the on Main Street a little later than usual. No matter, the people packed around the temporary pens of the foster dogs up for adoption to gaze into puppy dog eyes. Some found the puppies so irrisistable they had to give them a home.

All the dogs come from South Carolina “high kill” shelters, said Schiano. After they are rescued they are brought to a vet. When they’re medically ready they are shipped up to Long Island where they’re placed in foster homes awaiting adoption at events like Sunday’s Pet Adoption Day.

“Every penny we raise from donations and adoption fees goes toward the pets,” said Schiano. The organization is staffed completely by volunteers.

Robert Nilsen and Keri Comer, a couple from Coram, adopted Buster on Sunday afternoon, selecting him from a foursome of 11-week old Sheppard/Terrier pups.

According to Allison who was volunteering at the event that day for her Batmitzvah project, the four puppies had just been delivered to Last Chance Animal Rescue.

As she mixed in with the three remaining puppies she said that she chose to do her volunteer work with the organization because a year ago that’s where her family adopted their Australian Sheppard named Yogi. He was merely eight weeks old when they adopted him. Allison loves working with the dogs so much she said she plans to continue working with Last Chance Animal Rescue.

For more information about Last Chance Animal Rescue visit their website.


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