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Update: Local Animal Rescue Groups Offer Help to Pets Displaced by Brush Fires

Group has assisted with 15 transfers since fires began.

Update: Guardians of Rescue posted on Facebook that most of the families they were able to help were homes with multiple pets.

"They had too many animals to transport and needed assistance with carriers, kennels and supplies," the organization posted. "We were able to get them and their pets safely to family and friends."

They also said that the SPCA has the shelter in Riverhead set up for pets now.

"We have dropped off pet food to that location and are working to get them more," they wrote.

As raging in Calverton, some have come out to offer assistance to people who have to flee the area with their four-legged friends in tow.

The Guardians of Rescue–an animal rescue group that was instrumental in helping to reunite –has taken up position in Riverhead with supplies and tactical assistance. The group has set up two stations, one on Route 25 near 7/11 in Riverhead and another at the Riverhead Senior Center at 60 Shade Tree Lane.

According to the organization’s president, Robert Misseri, Guardians of Rescue has cat carriers, dog crates, collars and leashes available for people in evacuation areas. They are at the staging area on Route 25 to lend a hand if anyone is in need of assistance evacuating their pets.

Misseri told Patch over the phone on Monday night that they were still waiting on a call from one Manorville resident who as trapped with over 30 animals, mostly dogs.

“He was supposed to be evacuated earlier,” he said. “We’re not sure what we’re going to do yet.”

The group is waiting to hear from the fire department on how they will get into the hot zone to help take the animals out.

For the most part, Guardians of Rescue volunteers have been going to the homes of people who called them for help taking their pets out of the danger area.

As of Monday evening, they had helped remove 15 pets that had to be evacuated and they were ready to do more.

Dori Scofield president of in Port Jefferson Station said that they haven't heard reports of animals in need of shelter as of Tuesday morning but she said the right people are on site.

"The SPCA (Suffolk County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) is on the scene," Scofield said. "I just got word that there are only two dogs at the Red Cross shelter."

She said that while there is also plenty of food out there at shelters for animals Save-A-Pet has more if needed and will offer any kind of help they can.

"If need be, Save-A-Pet and the Brookhaven Animal Shelter will loan out crates for any dogs and cats that are at the shelter with their owners," Scofield said. "Our shelters are quite full but we will do all we can to lend a helping paw."

The Riverhead Senior Center is accepting people and their pets, according to Misseri. Along with the Red Cross and the SPCA, Guardians of Rescue will be on hand all night at the location.

For now, Misseri says that the group has plenty of supplies and 15 volunteers to help meet folks to insure their pets are kept safe. He also said that they will be on call as long as it takes.

“We expect to be here until further notice,” he said.

If you need assistance, from Guardians of Rescue call (888) 287-3864.

Meredith Festa April 10, 2012 at 03:31 PM
Most of the families we were able to help last night were multi-pet households. They had too many animals to transport and needed assistance with carriers, kennels and supplies. We were able to get them and their pets safely to family and friends. The SPCA has the Evac Shelter in Riverhead set up for pets now. We have dropped off pet food and are working to get them more. If you still need assistance from Guardians of Rescue call (888) 287-3864. We will help you.


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