Five Great Drives in Port Jefferson to See Fall Foliage

Take advantage of all the autumn beauty Port Jefferson has to offer.

Port Jefferson offers many great drives for residents and visitors alike to experience beautiful landscapes speckled with the deep earthy tones of the season.

According to the New York State tourism webpage, Oct 27 to Nov 2 is prime time to see the leaves changing all across Long Island.

So if you want to enjoy the local color from your car we have five drives to enjoy the scenery.

Route 25A.

Start out west of Port Jefferson Village on Route 25A just east of Setauket. Route 25A winds it's way into town affording views of the trees all along the road.

Old Post Road West and California Avenue.

Once you enter town head up passed the school to Old Post Road. You can get pretty lost on all the side streets around there where the trees line the sides of the residential neighborhoods enveloping the roadway with color. Make your way all the way to Gnarled Hollow Road or California Avenue to loop back onto 25A and make your way east again toward town for a second look at Route 25A.

Cliff Road.

Pass through town and up the East Broadway hill turn left onto Cliff Road. Take Cliff Road all through Belle Terre where the trees literally bend and over the streets. You can explore some of the side roads but Cliff Road has enough of a view of the fall colors. When you get to the roundabout come back and do the ride in reverse.

Old Post Road to Crystal Brook Hollow Road.

After Belle Terre head east on East Broadway until you get to Old Post Road East and follow it to the end. Make a left on Crystal Brook Hollow Road and follow it all the way to Harbor Hills. Along the way are narrow roads, plenty of overhanging branches and a great view of the water with a place to pull over the take in the scenery.

Sheep Pasture Road and North Country Road.

Double back from Harbor Hills until you get to Myrtle Avenue and take it to Main Street. Head south until you hit the top of the hill. Here you have a couple of choices. You can make a right and take Sheep Pasture Road until you hit Old Town Road enjoying the view. Stop at on the railroad trestle if you can. Or you can make a left off of Main Street and take North Country Road toward Mount Sinai. Once you pass Mather Hospital the tress encroach on the road making a nice scenic drive on a beautiful North Shore roadway.

Do you have a favorite fall foliage drive in Port Jefferson? Tell us in the comments.

al jefferson April 04, 2013 at 01:14 AM
Actually, you want to avoid cliff road. It's in the "Villiage" of "Belle Terre." You know, if these people want to live in a gated community, they need to buy a gate. Having police follow people around, giving parking tickets (because "there's no parking allowed in Belle Terre Village") when people visit McAllister county park (which is only accessible through the horrifically misnamed Belle Terre village) and telling people that they are trespassing when visiting said park...Harassment pure & simple. and no ticket appeal by mail or online (have to attend their kangaroo court at 7pm on a weeknight, certainly not possible for a city resident). Really, if you're so well off can't you buy your own gate?


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