Update: Mayor Margot Garant Says Stay Inside, Road Conditions Still Dangerous

Port Jefferson residents are urged to stay inside due to lingering snow.

Courtesy of Mayor Garant
Courtesy of Mayor Garant
Although it looks like the majority of the storm has passed us by, the Inc. Village of Port Jefferson's mayor Margot Garant said there is still major work to be done and residents should stay off of the road. 

In an email, Garant said to remind people to stay home while "we continue to work on the roads and sidewalks," said Garant.
She also wants to remind residents that snow is expected to continue to fall until 10 a.m. tonight and the wind is "making it difficult to keep snow off of the roads." 

"Ice and extremely cold temperatures are making conditions extremely dangerous," said Garant.

She continues to press the importance of staying inside and calling the proper emergency numbers for any downed wires or snow-related emergencies. 

Update from Mayor Garant on Jan. 3 12:17 p.m. -- "Streets of Port Jefferson are Icey and the wind is blowing hard off the water. Roads will remain difficult to travel. We continue to encourage very one to stay indoors thru the evening."

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