Residents Rush to Stores to Stock up for Irene

Food stores reporting some items like generators are out but others, like milk, are still in stock.

When treacherous weather is on its way, the scene at the stores is anything but calm, and with a hurricane on its way, it’s even worse. People are encouraged to stock up on non perishable food items, such as can goods, water, flash lights, batteries and propane, just in case the power goes out.

The said it was out of D-Batteries but still had ice this afternoon. Another said they had no C or D batteries but were trying to get some from another store.

The scene at in Port Jefferson Station was busy and employees were determined to help shoppers get what they want.

An employee who wished to remain unnamed said there has been a “50 percent increase in shoppers and food is flying off the shelves.”

While the fear for many is that there won’t be anything left when they hit the store, Pathmark has not run out of anything as of 12:30 p.m. on Friday and they get two shipments a day, one in the morning and one at night.

“The only way we would run out of food is if the warehouse runs out or if they are unable to get it to us," said the employee. "Other than that we are stocked and have everything that's needed.”

Pathmark always has trucks running, so getting it to them most likely would not be an issue

“Even in the most treacherous snow storms we have gotten what we needed to our customers,” said another employee who also wished to remain anonymous.

Customers had nothing but good things to say about Pathmark and their stock for the storm.

"I usually shop here every Friday, but today it’s a coincidence I am her but I am shopping for the storm," said Claire Karwowski, a Port Jefferson Station resident since 1968. "I am buying non perishable items, canned chicken, and batteries."

Chris Johnson said, "Everything I needed was there, canned items, bread, and water, but no propane."

Propane is key in this storm, but it couldn’t be found anywhere. Gas stations have run out and so has Sears Hardware two stores down.

According to Dennis, a manager at the store who only gave his first name, "they have sold out" and he's unaware when the next shipment will come in. He advises anyone to call the store before they go.

Another employee who remained anonymous said the scene at Sears Friday morning was chaotic.

"D batteries cannot be found anywhere, we got a shipment in this morning within two minutes they were gone off the shelf, and that’s it we don’t have anymore," said the anonymous employee.

Frank Russo of Port Jefferson Station, who lucked out with his purchased of propane tanks, said, "These were the last two [propane tanks]. I got my candles, my batteries and a bath tub filled with water."


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