Week in Review: Local Dog Still Missing, Town Board Approves Chick-fil-A

A roundup of the top headlines in the area this week.

Town Board Approves Zoning Change To Allow For Chick-fil-A

The Town of Brookhaven voted unanimously to approve a zoning change that would allow developers to build a Chick-fil-A fast food restaurant at the former car dealership on Route 347 near Terryville Road. 

The developers first went to the Port Jefferson Station-Terryville Civic Association to inform the community of their projected plans. Director and Resturant Developer for Chick-fil-A, Scott Thigpen, told residents the plans are to build a quality establishment that will offer meals with the best chicken in town.

Thigpen said his development team, The Lauro Group and Camco Services of NY, have also set aside additional space for a second building that can be used for any  sit down establishment. Thigpen did note at this time he has not gotten any offers of occupancy for the second building. 

Feelings were mixed at the civic meeting due to a statement the owner of the chain made a year ago saying he would only supporting traditional marriage. Shortly after the anti-gay remarks were made, the company released a statement saying, “Going forward, our intent is to leave the policy debate over same-sex marriage to the government and political arena."

Guide to the 18th Annual Charles Dickens Festival

If you're in Port Jefferson this weekend and you're seeing people dressed up from centuries past, do not worry. It's only the 18th Annual Charles Dickens Festival where Dickensian characters wind through the streets and alleyways of Port Jefferson.

From Dec. 6 through Dec. 8 the village gets transformed and becomes a weekend full of holiday music, ballet, plays, exhibits, food and fun. 

Check out the full weekend schedule below.

Remember that all schedules are subject to change

Councilman Moves For Full Acquisition Of The Old Gentlemen's Driving Park Property

Councilman Steve Fiore-Rosenfeld sponsored a resolution at the Dec. 3 Brookhaven Town Board meeting to authorize the acquisition of land for the property known as Gentlemen’s Driving Park in Port Jefferson Station which was unanimously supported by the Town Board. 

Gentlemen’s Driving Park is located on the west side of  Morgan Avenue, north of Canal Road and is the last Victorian era harness racing track on Long Island. There's an aerial photo taken in 1957 snapped by an unknown person that shows the area centered around Routes 112 and 347. In the image, a traffic circle that once was at the intersection in Port Jefferson Station is clearly visible. To the right of the circle is a horseracing track used in the late 1800s once known as the Gentlemen’s Driving Park. 

$18K Raised for 8-Year-Old With Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa

Three Stony Brook nurses have come together to help eight-year-old Brian Ilg, of Patchogue, who was born with Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa, one of the worse skin disorders that has been ever diagnosed. 

According to the Genetics Home Reference, this disease is a "genetic condition that cause the skin to be very fragile and to blister easily. Blisters and skin erosions form in response to minor injury or friction, such as rubbing or scratching." The reference goes on to say that blisters can form over the entire body and create scar tissue as they heal making it difficult to chew and swallow.  Additional complications of progressive scarring can include fusion of the fingers and toes, loss of fingernails and toenails, joint deformities (contractures) that restrict movement, and eye inflammation leading to vision loss. 

Mount Sinai Heritage Trust Lights Annual Christmas Tree At Heritage Park

The Mount Sinai Heritage Trust and the Mount Sinai Fire Department held it's Annual Christmas Tree Lighting at Heritage Park on Dec. 1. Residents from Mount Sinai and other surrounding towns all came together to drink hot chocolate, listen to Christmas carols, and hang out with Santa Clause. 

This year, Santa Clause had the honor of lighting the tree and spending time with children taking pictures and predicting their Christmas gifts. Legislator Sarah Anker made it out to enjoy in the holiday festivities. 

“Our community is fortunate to have wonderful volunteers like the Heritage Trust and Mount Sinai Fire Department who dedicate their time to supporting our neighbors,” said Anker in a statement. “In the spirit of this holiday season, I encourage residents to look at the ways they can give back. Volunteering is truly the best gift you can give to your community.”

Sneak Peak: Behind The Scenes Photos Of Theatre Three's 'A Christmas Carol'

When Joey Byrnes had a back injury January of 2011, he recalls working through the pain over the next few months during his job as an apprentice for a heating, ventilation and Port Jefferson's Theatre Three will present its 30th anniversary production of the Charles Dickens' classic, A Christmas Carol throughout the month of December. 

UPDATE: Newly Adopted Dog Still Missing In The Village, Possibly In Setauket

Last week a recently adopted dog, Marcy, hopped through the fence of her new home and got lost in the woods somewhere in Port Jefferson Village. Since then, numerous volunteers have been searching the area day and night looking for her. 

Three days after she went missing, she was seen crossing Main Street heading to the USA Gas Station. However, before she could cross a car hit her twice. One of the drivers got out to help Marcy, but the extremely frightened dog ran off into the woods behind the gas station.

Volunteer’s hopes grew dim as their searched continued for another couple of days with no sight of Marcy. “This project will have an extraordinary impact on the Rocky Point Community,” said Losquardo in a statement. “It addresses roads that are the main arteries within the community as well as less traveled streets.”


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