Cash Mob Planned in Support of Lainie's Way in Port Jefferson

Owners suffer another flood in the downtown toy store.

After a pipe burst in Lainie's Way on Tuesday night, the store that is known for selling fun, smart games and colorful windblown decorations in downtown Port Jefferson has declared the resulting flood to be "more devastating than the one we suffered during Hurricane Sandy."

Read our story on how Lainie's Way was affected by Sandy.

In an email sent out to customers, owner Lainie Litovsky said that they lost all of the merchandise in display cabinets along the perimiter of the store.

"We have struggled over the last two days to clean the store after this water pipe disaster," the note read. "...The carpet in the store was also destroyed and had to be removed. The floorboards underneath are not pretty. And unbelievably, my insurance company has denied my claim for all physical damage to the store."

Despite the damage, Litovsky re-opened the store, saying she needed to continue on to pay her vendors and employees. 

"Without them, there would be no Lainie’s Way," she said of her employees.

Saying that she "cannot be proud or bashful at this time" Litovsky implored her loyal customers to come to the store to support them.

"I love my special little store and my customers," she wrote. "I must ask all of you for your continued support of Lainie’s Way."

In response to Litovsky's plea for help, Barbara Ransome, the Port Jefferson Chamber of Commerce's director of operations sent an email organizing a cash mob on Saturday at noon to support Lainie’s Way.

If you have an upcoming birthday or other special occasion head on down and shop at Lainie's Way to pick up a creative, fun game or toy designed to stimulate the minds of both children and adults alike. Every staff member is specially trained to assist customers with their selections and teach them how to play the games they sell.

Bring a few bucks and head down to Lainie's Way on Main Street in Port Jefferson for a cash mob at noon on Saturday.

HERE FOR THE SAME REASON February 02, 2013 at 11:18 PM
Laine was always so kind to us and our daughter when we would come in every so often, this is something that is often missed at larger corporate stores. I will shop there more often and it would be a shame to us all if such an establishment went away. You have our prrayers and support, see you this week.


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