Rinx Redux Will Save Money, Be Greener

New stones will help skating rink at Village Center look better and be greener.

New stonework will help beautify the ice rink in Port Jefferson when it’s not being used for skating and help keep down ice making costs when it is, according to Tom Palamara, vice president of , the organization that runs the skating rink in Port Jefferson.

He pointed to the men working on the stone oval in the shadow of the on Friday and described how paving stones being laid down will fix a problem that started six years ago when the rink was first installed.

"After rain got in, the back corner heaved," he said.

The result is that the there was a 6 to 10 inch difference in the height of the rink from one end to the other, meaning that they have to put down "way too much ice" every year.

So far they’ve replaced a portion of the concrete wall that surrounds the skating rink and paving stones are being installed on top of four different layers of stone. The Rinx now has a flat surface to build on. Before there was only a layer of gravel covering the ground. Even though there’s still a storm drain in the center of the rink, rainwater will go directly into the ground.

"It’s completely level, it helps to keep the ice cold and it saves money so it’s one of those few win-wins," he said.


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