5 Busiest Bloggers on Port Jefferson Patch

We love our bloggers.

We're turning the focus back on you and celebrating the bloggers who helped inform, entertain and communicate with Port Jefferson this past year as Patch bloggers. These writers are the ones who posted the most this year and also shine as examples of the kind of work bloggers can produce to contribute to their communities.

Williams is a tireless blogger, posting about books, movies and music throughout the year as well as informing people about what's happening with their local library. She goes beyond the book to tell people how they can best benefit from the library and also puts reading lists out there not only of the award winners but some she enjoyed herself.

  • Long Time No Hear - Some musicians put out new albums every six months. Others take their time. Listen to some old favorites who are returning with new material!
  • This Book takes the Prize: National Book Award - Looking for something new to read? Check out some of the National Book Award winners from the Port Jefferson Free Library!
  • Escaping the Dark through Fiction - Who needs power when you have a good lantern and a good book. Here's how one librarian made it through the storm.
  • It’s Elementary: The Timeless Appeal of Sherlock Holmes -  Sherlock Holmes has been an intriguing character since he made his debut in 1887. His appeal continues to this day. Check out his many incarnations at the Port Jefferson Free Library.

Don and Nicole Nenninger

This power couple of Port Jefferson are authors who want to help people reach their full potential. They do it by sharing important tips and adives on Patch through their many blog posts. Want to stop procrastinating or overcome a challenge? They have ideas on how to do it.

  • Making Sense Out of a Senseless Act - How do you make sense out of a senseless act? Picking up the pieces after the recent Connecticut shooting.
  • Coping with Challenges–18 Ways You Can Move Through the Pain Instead of Staying Stuck in It - Life’s lessons can be challenging, but we gain our greatest wisdom going through them instead of becoming stuck and defined by them.
  •  -  Everyone wants to know if there is a secret to a happy life and what that secret is. Do you wonder if there really is a secret to living a great life? The answer is yes! Find out more...
  • Procrastination - Do you procrastinate? Are you, right now, sitting with the uncomfortableness of things left undone? Find out how to overcome it and how it affects your life.

Robert Makofsky

Makofsky's bio says that he is a retired teacher who enjoys writing short stories, poetry, and reviews. Among the subjects that Makofsky covers for Patch are music reviews and living in Port Jefferson. 

  • Get Your Red On: A Great Campaign for all Village Residents - Port Jeff Gets it Red on for the Holidays.
  • The Magic of Mary McCaslin and Caroline Doctorow at Stony Brook University Cafe - Review of concert Sunday afternoon at the Stony Brook University Cafe.
  • Two Acclaimed Folk Singers to Play the University Cafe Accoustic Concert Series - Preview of Sunday's Accoustic Concert Series at Stony Brook Cafe.
  •  - What it feels like to have the power restored with things slowly getting back to normal. 

Carlisle Johnny

Johnny is a carguy through and through. His posts are often funny accounts of his experiences with his automobiles and sometimes he recounts his misadventures living in and around Port Jefferson. Poor Johnny.

  • On The Road With Johnny B: Car Crushes And The Legend Of The Scooby Van - Ever have a "crush" on an old car?
  • On The Road With Johnny B: The Amazing Story of the 70 MPG Dale Automobile - Anytime you buy a car always look under the hood. In the case of The Dale you should of looked under the dress.
  • One The Road With Johnny B: Being Dumb And Single At The Dickens Festival - Ever See A Pretty Face And Say The Dumbest Thing Possible?

Jacqui Errico

Errico is co-founder of Strength for Life, a non profit organization, providing free exercise classes and wellness retreats to cancer patients/survivors. She often blogs about health, fitness and her organization.

  • Should I Exercise When I Feel Sick? - Whether to exercise or not when you are not feeling well is a matter of which symptoms you have.
  • Food Matters - A free viewing of a movie until 10/8/11 educating us on food and nutrition.
  • The Benefits of Backwards Walking - Increase caloric burn, condition your muscles differently, increase hearing and vision senses and try something new.
  • Self Myofascial Release - Using a foam roller will help you to release some muscular tightness.
  • What is on Your "Bucket List?" - Dreams and Desires... what are yours? Help Strength for Life continue to offer FREE exercise classes and Wellness Retreats for cancer patients... by crossing something off you bucket list!

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