Blog Roundup: Five Blogs You May Have Missed This Week

A look at some of the top blogs from the past week.

Our bloggers cover everything from relationships and local events to health and politics. Here are some highlights among recent blog posts:

Escaping the Dark through Fiction

No power? No TV? No internet? While less than ideal conditions, such losses do give anyone plenty of time to catch up on reading. Yes, even librarians have stacks of unread books awaiting discovery. Librarian Monica Williams shares what she read when her power was out during Superstorm Sandy.

Honor National Diabetes Month by Dedicating Yourself to a Healthy and Fit Lifestyle

Lee Cirillo, owner of Fitness Together in Port Jefferson says that diabetes is the seventh leading cause of death in the United States. Almost 26 million Americans, both adults and children, battle this chronic, serious disease. She gives tips on how to live a healthy lifestyle made up of a nutritious diet and regular exercise to preventing diabetes.

On The Road With Johnny B: Riding with One Punch Jerry

Car blogger Johnny B rcounts his fodest memories of his father that involve his love of cars.

Hurricane Sandy and Human Resilience

Hypnotherapist Cynthia Lindner fives you tips for cultivating resilience, and recovering from the hardships and losses of Superstorm Sandy.

Monolaurin for the Common Cold

With winter coming we're all preparing for cold weather, snow storms and the inevitible cold that comes along with it. Eric Robert Santiago suggest Monolaurin, an anti-microbial agent that may protect the immune system from a range of infectious agents, as for the common cold.


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