Politics, Fourth of July and Fireflies Were All Blog Topics on Patch Last Week

We highlight some recent blog posts.

Our bloggers cover everything from politics to reviews of the best places to hang out for teens. Here are highlights of blog posts from last week.


by - The time for political hand wringing is over.

by - The Supreme Court’s decision to uphold Obamacare is awful news for the vast majority of Suffolk County residents.

by - While David Koch is used to spending millions on causes that work against the 99%, he's not used to having the 99% show up on his doorstep in the Hamptons.

by - Fourth of July Fireworks on the Sound.

by - Celebrate the Fourth of July with the 56 brave men who made it possible.

by - Women experience the menopause transition different and at many different ages.

by   - Take this opportunity to tap into the Olympic energy swirling around the world this summer!

by - Police driving presentation for teenagers.

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