Mt. Sinai Math Teacher Dies

Karen Graham was said to have "made math fun" for her students.

Karen Graham, 47, of Lake Grove, a math teacher at Mt. Sinai High School, died on Aug. 24 of ovarian cancer, according to an obituary in Newsday.

From the article:

For 22 years, Karen Lynn Graham did the near-impossible -- she made math fun.

Amid the algebra, calculus and other subjects she taught at Mount Sinai High School, she'd work in a song or a joke, recalled Kelly Lynch, a fellow math teacher at the school. Silly jokes like, "What did the zero say to the eight? Nice belt."

"We teach math to high schoolers. She always found a way to make it painless," Lynch said.

You can read the full obituary on Newsday's website here (subscription required.)

Did you have Mrs. Graham as a teacher at Mt. Sinai High School?


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