A Thankful Port Jeff

We invite you to tell us what you're thankful for today.

On Thursday millions of American families will sit down to a feast with family and friends and give thanks. We asked some people around Port Jefferson what they are thankful for this year. Read what others have said here and add your own thanksgiving message in the comments below.

"Most importantly, my family and their health, my close and new friendships, my adorable pets, the ability to maintain both my practice and my home given these financially distressed times, the opportunity to serve the village, meet new people and most of all that I wake up each day and have the opportunity to make that day as rewarding as I can. Happy to be Thankful." - Port Jefferson Mayor Margot J Garant.

"The caring, loving, thoughtful people in my personal and professional life." - Leon S. Klempner, DDS, Coolsmiles Orthodontics.

“These days I am most thankful for my family, my two beautiful
daughters, my husband, parents and friends and all the fun we have
together. I am also thankful I live in Port Jefferson, the 'end of the
rainbow,' and for the opportunity the community has given me to help
make Port Jefferson an even better place to live. Happy Thanksgiving.” - Laura Hill Timpanaro, Port Jefferson resident and board trustee.

"I am thankful that my entire family, including elderly parents, are all in good health. We all have enough... enough food, shelter, healthcare, jobs, friends, love.  We are truly blessed." - April Quiggle, Port Jefferson resident.

"This year I am thankful for my wonderful job and the opportunity to make a difference in the life of children and young adults. I am also thankful for the family and friends I have that show constant support and who love me unconditionally." - , Young Adult Librarian at the and Patch blogger.

"I'm thankful that my family is healthy, and everyone also is working. Hoping to see a better economy in 2012." - Candace Caraftis, owner Caraftis Fishing Station.

“This year I am thankful for my family and education.” - Barbara Donlon, Port Jefferson Station resident.

"I'm very grateful that I survived the last 7 years (or 10!) when my once thriving business all but disappeared and I'm very grateful that I can start a new career and look forward to earning a living again! I'm thrilled and thankful at the opportunity that is in front of me and can't wait to get started. Looking forward to a wonderful and prosperous year." - Mark Kauffman, Port Jefferson resident.

"I am thankful for the birth of a happy and healthy son (on November 3).  Jameson is the greatest thing that my husband and I could ask for." - Erin Schaarschmidt, head of Teen Services at .

"I am grateful to be happy, warm and safe with the love of my family, friends and animals." - Dianne Greco.

"I am thankful that I am occupied; that I have an income; that my family and I enjoy good health; that my wife and children love me; and, that I was born into life in the USA and have lived my life on Long Island in New York State. These items individually and in aggregate provide more than most in this world can say they are grateful for." - Peter C. Walsh.

"I am thankful to live in a community that is so supportive of one another.  We are a community of varied personalities and very unique individuals but we always manage to come together whenever necessary. I have always been thankful for value we place on our children as evidenced by the many programs that I have participated in and observed during my years as a member of the community. Happy Thanksgiving." - Thomas Meehan, community member and Edna Louise Spear Elementary School Principal.

"I am thankful for all of my friends and family because they support me in everything I do (unless it's not good of course.)" - AnnaMaria, Port Jefferson school student and Patch teen blogger.

"I am thankful to live in this wonderful community where long time friends are always there for your every need. for the gift of close friends and family is indeed the greatest treasure to be found." - Nomi Solo.

"I am thankful for friends and family, the ability to get up and work at a job that I love and another job that pays the bills. Thankful to meet amazing, giving people - there are many wonderful people in the world that unfortunately are little known of. I am Blessed!" - Jacqui Errico, co-founder of Strength for Life, Patch blogger and Port Jefferson Station resident.

"I am thankful for having the opportunity to have my family with me for Thanksgiving day and the weekend. Also grateful that we as Americans are free to celebrate holidays in peace and extend a prayer for all the brave men and women who devote their lives for the protection of ours." - James Burke, Port Jefferson resident.

"I am thankful for the simple things that have made this uneasy year brighter, the smiles from my children, and the hugs that last a little longer then they did last year, for a chance to make up for all of those missed opportunities." - Andrew Fortier, musician.

"We Are Thankful for…

My friends because they play with me and support me.

My world because it gives us everything we need like food and water.

My teacher because she helps me learn.

My family and my friends because they make me feel special.

My uncle because he takes me to the park and we love going on the swings.

My ancestors because they came to this great country.

My sister because she looks out for me."

- Sentiments from second grade students in Darlene Wells’ class at Edna Louise Spear Elementary School.


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